The Bubble Lady
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Rebecca Nile

The Bubble Lady will come to your:

Corporate Party
Nursery School
Special Events
A Clown by profession, The Bubble Lady
has performed throughout San Francisco
and the Bay Area. Trained by Louis Pearl,
"The Amazing Bubble Man", you're
guaranteed a laugh-filled squeaky clean show.

Nothing short of Bubbleicious!!!
The Bubble Lady will entertain and delight audiences with her 45 minute bubble show.

Setting the scene to arrive in Bubble Land, she introduces her Bubble Family:
Spirit Bubbles, Baby Bubbles, Brother & Sister Bubbles, Momma & Poppa Bubbles. With creative stories woven throughout the show, she selects volunteers to help her in creating a variety of amusing bubble sculptures. The fun never stops! When one bubble pops there is always another close behind.
A courageous volunteer has their Bubble Brain removed for all to see. A Bubble Space Ship spins and flies. Audience members become astronauts sporting Bubble Helmets. Space Blobs, Laser Bubble Ballet, Universe Bubbles, and Space Spiders are only a small sample of the bubbles The Bubble Lady sculpts and forms from a variety of Wands, Bubble Trumpets and pure Bubble Magic.
The excitement mounts towards the finale as the BUBBLES GROW IN SIZE,
finally large enough to put an audience member inside!!!


To book a Bubble Show, please contact The Bubble Lady, Rebecca Nile at (415) 384-0619.
All shows are conducted indoors. Floor covering is provided.
(415) 384-0619   (415) 509-4973